Larry King’s Pop Culture Panel Weighs In On Batfleck

For all the uproar over the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman last week, it seems like actually hashing out the discussion proves most people aren’t as negative as you think.

On today’s special pop culture edition of “Larry King Now,” comedians Theo Von and Tom Green told Larry King they were more interested in the reasons behind the negative reaction than actually giving a negative reaction themselves.

“We’re living in this troll society, where no matter how good you are or how bad you are, if you put yourself out there, there’s going to be millions of people saying something negative,” said Green, who’s been in plenty of movies himself.

Von had nothing but positive things to say on the casting of the Academy Award-winning director and actor.

“Look at him, he looks like a Batman to me,” said Von. “Give the guy a shot, let’s see what he can do.”

Larry even weighed in on the casting, which he compared to Michael Keaton’s Batman, which was somewhat doubted when it first arrived, and had only positive things to say.

“I’m for Ben!,” Larry exclaimed.

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Bill Hader Dishes on The Inspiration Behind SNL’s Stefon

Few characters in the last decade of “Saturday Night Live” have broken out like Bill Hader’s famed Weekend Update city corespondent Stefon. But how do you come up with such an odd and hilarious character?

It turns out, like many SNL creations, Stefon was the marriage of two great ideas that spawned a character that appeared in five seasons of the show and proved Hader’s breakout character during his eight years on the show.

“John Mulaney, who co-created him with me … really deserves a lot of credit for Stefon,” Hader said on today’s all-new “Larry King Now.”

Mulaney, a stand-up and writer on SNL, received an email from a friend which described a club with “everything” — rooms full of broken glass; New York’s hottest club is “Wish!”

“I, separately, would go to this coffee shop in Chelsea every morning, and there was a barista there who kind of talked like that,” explained Hader. “He was always telling me about his life. ‘I live on the Lower, Lower East Side.'”

The two would go around the SNL offices, according to Hader, each doing their bits on these two characters, until Mulaney finally had the idea to combine them.

“John had the smarts to combine them,” said Hader.

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Chef Curtis Stone Talks His Newest Restaurant + Bonus Book Giveaway

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone is a busy man, and if he has his way, he’ll be even busier come the end of 2013.

When Stone visited Larry King’s home on today’s all-new episode of “Larry King Now,” he let Larry in on a few of the secrets of his next restaurant venture he’ll be opening in Beverly Hills in the coming months.

“It [will be] very small, very intimate,” said Stone, who spent the episode inside Larry’s kitchen. “We’ll cook fantastic food. No menu. You’re going to put yourself in the chef’s hands.”

Stone said he hoped the restaurant would be open by October, but was confident it would open at its South Beverly Drive location by November at the latest.


As Larry and Curtis continued their cooking demonstration, Stone took out a mallet to flatten some meat and took the opportunity to talk about his critics.

“This is for all the restaurant critics that are going to come in and criticize my cooking once I open the new restaurant,” Stone said as he pounded away with the mallet.

“How can they criticize it?,” Larry replied coyly. “They don’t even know what they’re ordering — there aint even a menu!”

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Miley? Tyson? Send Us Q’s on the Topics Reigning the Pop Culture Charts

Confounded by Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance of  “We Can’t Stop” & “Blurred Lines“? Questions about Mike Tyson’s emotional & shocking press conference admission of his ongoing battle with addiction? What do you want to know about the topics reigning the pop culture charts?

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Larry King Talks Keys to Happiness with Experts

How do you define happiness?

For many, that question is a very personal and difficult question to answer. But decades of research and study into what makes people happy has given experts at least some insight into what truly defines happiness for the largest portion of the population.

On today’s all-new “Larry King Now,” Ph.D.s Paul Zak and Jonathan Haidt, two experts in the field, give Larry their thoughts on how anyone can find happiness.

“Happiness is like a muscle, you have to exercise it,” said Zak, whose Ph.D. has led him to study neuroeconomics.


How much does happiness have to do with money? Certainly the “greed is good” mantra has led many to believe that wealth is the quickest avenue to a positive outlook, but is that really the answer?

“When the economic crisis hit, everyone was a lot poorer, people were out of work,” said Haidt, a NYU professor. “But the surprising thing was that national happiness level didn’t go down very much, because it seemed to happening to everybody. We’re all in this together.”

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