Chef Curtis Stone Talks His Newest Restaurant + Bonus Book Giveaway

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone is a busy man, and if he has his way, he’ll be even busier come the end of 2013.

When Stone visited Larry King’s home on today’s all-new episode of “Larry King Now,” he let Larry in on a few of the secrets of his next restaurant venture he’ll be opening in Beverly Hills in the coming months.

“It [will be] very small, very intimate,” said Stone, who spent the episode inside Larry’s kitchen. “We’ll cook fantastic food. No menu. You’re going to put yourself in the chef’s hands.”

Stone said he hoped the restaurant would be open by October, but was confident it would open at its South Beverly Drive location by November at the latest.


As Larry and Curtis continued their cooking demonstration, Stone took out a mallet to flatten some meat and took the opportunity to talk about his critics.

“This is for all the restaurant critics that are going to come in and criticize my cooking once I open the new restaurant,” Stone said as he pounded away with the mallet.

“How can they criticize it?,” Larry replied coyly. “They don’t even know what they’re ordering — there aint even a menu!”

Watch tonight’s all-new “Larry King Now” with Curtis on Ora TV & Hulu


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