#AskLarry: What Would You Ask Larry King?

Larry King loved his Reddit AMA so much that we decided to bring it back…well sort of… in a new feature on our blog called #AskLarry. Now you can have your chance to ask Larry anything!

Each week well pick a few questions you’ve sent us on social media & our blog for Larry to answer – we’re still working out the format so it might be a video response or even a direct tweet from the “King” himself!

So what would you ask Larry King? Go ahead and leave your questions in the comments or send us your questions by using the #AskLarry hashtag on Twitter. Or post them to Facebook, Google+, Instagram or Reddit!

Ask Larry King Anything!

Cheryl Hines & Rachael Harris Dish on Hollywood’s Best Secret Keepers

Cheryl Hines and Rachael Harris have taken to the web with their newest comedy series, Yahoo Screen’s “We Need Help,” and on today’s all-new “Larry King Now” the two funny guests take Larry through the inspiration behind the show — Hollywood stars and their personal assistants.

“I had a director once that said, ‘Rachael, every time you start to break on-stage, I want you to think to yourself, what would Meryl Streep do?'” Harris told Larry.

Hines, who currently stars in “Suburgatory” and is known for her roles in “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and a variety of other TV shows, talked about Hollywood etiquette and the role assistants can play.

“They have all my secrets,” said Hines. “So many good secrets!”


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Larry King to Vin Scully: Let LA Name a Street After You

Apparently American sportscaster Vin Scully doesn’t want a street named after him. From the Los Angeles Times:

“The mayor of Los Angeles has a great deal more important things to do than name a street after me,” Scully said in the statement. “And if he is considering the idea, better the street should be named after Walter or Peter O’Malley than myself.”

Well Larry King has a special message for Scully – hit play to hear it:

Larry King's message for Vin Scully

Special ‘Larry King Now’ PTSD Panel Sheds Light on Disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder affects millions around the world, and Larry King took the opportunity today to shed some more light on the complex disorder on “Larry King Now.”

Dr. Norman Rosenthal, Marine Stephen Cochran, and actors Matt Dallas & Steven Grayhm are the guests on an all-new episode, talking PTSD and why they became interested in raising awareness.

“The biggest challenge [of PTSD] is trying to assimilate back into a civilian populace that doesn’t have the same thoughts and feelings that you do,” said Grayhm, who is behind Thunder Road, a film that aims to bring PTSD into the public forum.


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Emmys 2013: The “Larry King Now” Cheat Sheet

Want to know more about the celebs who won big at last night’s 65th annual Emmys Awards? We’ve got you covered! Check them out on “Larry King Now” where Larry King brings out the best from these Emmy-winning actors & series:

LEAD ACTRESS IN A COMEDY SERIES Winner: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep, HBO



DRAMA SERIES Winner: Breaking Bad, AMC

COMEDY SERIES Winner: Modern Family, ABC – Get to know the actors! Watch Jesse Tyler Ferguson on “Larry King Now”

MINISERIES OR MOVIE Winner: Behind the Candelabra, HBO – Get to know the actors! Watch Dan Aykroyd on “Larry King Now”

We also can’t forget to share our “Larry King Now” guests who were also nominated:


SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A COMEDY SERIES Nominee: Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family, ABC


Click here for a complete list of Emmy winners.

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Alyssa Milano Kicks Off The Week on ‘Larry King Now’

Actress, author, designer and more, Alyssa Milano has always been busy. But with a successful summer series, “Mistresses” just wrapped, and a graphic novel on the way, Milano has never been busier.

She stopped by today’s all-new “Larry King Now” to chat why she got involved with the two projects and talked about the Funny or Die “sex tape” that helped educated millions of viewers about the crisis in Syria.

“It’s not a political statement, it’s a social statement,” Milano told Larry King on today’s episode. “People are more likely to click on a link that says ‘sex tape’ than serious news issues.”

The former “Charmed” and “Who’s the Boss” star also talked about the possibility of a reunion for one of those fan-favorite shows and much more. You will not want to miss this interview!


Catch this all-new “Larry King Now” at 5 pm ET today on Ora TV & Hulu, but first you can catch some highlights right now from Alyssa Milano’s interview:

What Would You Ask Gloria Estefan?

After selling more than 100 million records worldwide and winning seven Grammys, Gloria Estefan is one of history’s most successful musical acts. She’ll be appearing on “Larry King Now” soon – what do you want to know about Gloria?

Post your questions in the comments below or send them to us on Twitter, Facebook , Google+Reddit or Instagram for a chance to have Larry ask it on the show!