Ted Danson Invades “Last Vegas”

Just when I thought producing a show with four Oscar winners couldn’t get any better, Ted Danson showed up and my heart exploded with happiness. Never mind the fact that he walked directly through my shot. It’s Ted Danson! The man can do no wrong.

He allegedly later army crawled across the carpet, though sadly our cameras didn’t catch his stealth wriggle. It would have been unbeknownst to me too had it not been for his wife, the delightful Mary Steenburgen, informing me between giggles as she sat down for her interview with Larry. I’m going to venture being married to Ted is the best.

“Last Vegas,” hits theaters November 1st, and stars Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman, Mary Steenburgen, and not Ted Danson. It’s hilarious — go see it. But first watch this clip and be sure to tune in to “Larry King Now” tomorrow after 5PM ET to watch the full interview on-demand on Ora TV & Hulu.

Celebrate Halloween With Your Favorite Zombie Hunters on ‘Larry King Now’


Happy Halloween!

Scary seems to be cool these days, especially if you’re a zombie enthusiast! “The Walking Dead” is smashing viewership records, zombie-themed video games for all the newest consoles sell out in mere seconds and who wouldn’t want to dress as a zombie hunter these days?

In fact, those who play zombie hunters for a living have made themselves quite at home on “Larry King Now” — Larry himself has said his “The Walking Dead” episodes are always fascinating and fun. He should know, he’s done four of them!

On this Halloween Throwback Thursday, and in the middle of our own ‘masters of horror week’ why don’t you get in the spirit with the four “The Walking Dead” duos — plenty of treats here!

The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln & Sarah Wayne Callies



The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus & Danai Gurira

LKN1112_WalkingDead2H_006 (1)


The Walking Dead: David Morrissey & Laurie Holden



The Walking Dead: Steven Yeun & Lauren Cohan



Rob Zombie Is The Perfect Halloween Guest

On this Halloween, who better to invite into the “Larry King Now” studios than cult horror icon Rob Zombie?

Zombie is the second special guest in a string of ‘masters of horror’ “Larry King Now” episodes as we at Ora TV celebrate Halloween.

But how did Rob become the legend he is today? Even he sometimes has trouble explaining how a someone involved in the production of “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” became one of the slasher genre’s most recognizable film producers.

“I feel like I am the most successful cult person ever,” Zombie tells Larry today. “I feel like everything I do is sort of in an underground cult way but has had mainstream success. I mean I’m actually, pretty surprised sometimes.”


Join Rob Zombie and Larry King on “Larry King Now” on Ora TV & Hulu at 5 pm ET, but catch some spooky highlights now whenever you want!

Eli Roth Joins A Spooky Edition of ‘Larry King Now’

As Halloween approaches, the nights get darker and the “Larry King Now” studio turns into a haunted, scary place, with spooky guests to boot…

Our first “master of horror” guest is none other than modern horror legend Eli Roth, the man behind the “Hostel” series and much more. Halloween proved the perfect time pick his brain (zombies!) about the horror genre and what makes a good scary movie.

“What makes a horror film truly scary is when it makes the filmmaker scared,” said Roth. “The fear within the movie has to be absolutely real.”

Mostly, he’s looking for this:


We’re all there hiding behind our fingers, too, Eli.


Don’t miss this scary and spooky Eli Roth on “Larry King Now” today at 5 pm ET on Ora TV & Hulu, but if you can’t wait to get your creepy, crawly on, watch some episode highlights now!


Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson Brings The Heat To ‘Larry King Now’

Larry King welcomes another MMA superstar to the “Larry King Now” hot seat on today’s episode as Quinton “Rampage” Jackson talks about fighting, growing up and more.

But the first thing on everyone’s mind was the canceled fight between Rampage and his friend and sparring partner, Tito Ortiz. Ortiz was the special guest on yesterday’s “Larry King Now,” which was recorded before he suffered the neck injury.

Though the two are close friends, Rampage was pretty confident that if and when the two actually get to the fight that was scheduled for early November, he would be victorious.

“I would have smashed Tito,” Rampage told Larry. “I always help Tito train for his fights. … I don’t think he can take me down, my punch is a lot better, I’m faster than him. And I’m younger.”


Watch this full “Larry King Now” episode tonight on Ora TV & Hulu at 5 pm ET, but first catch some highlights with Rampage on Ora TV:

And yep, Rampage broke out his best Hulk Hogan impersonation:


What Would You Ask Rob Lowe?

With countless movie and TV roles, the great Rob Lowe will soon star in the National Geographic’s “Killing Kennedy.” But first he’s stopping by “Larry King Now” to chat! Submit a question and it could be used!

Post your questions in the comments below or send them to us on Twitter, Facebook , Google+ or Instagram for a chance to have Larry ask it on the show!

The interview will tape soon, but make sure to stay tuned to our Schedule page to see when Slash will be on “Larry King Now.” And make sure to bookmark our Where To Watch page to find out how you can stream this interview!