WEB EXCLUSIVE: Seth Green And Larry On Warren Beatty

Larry prides himself on his breezy interview style, but there are times when the best moments come out during commercial. Luckily, our cameras were still rolling for this amusing exchange between Larry and second-time LKN guest, Seth Green.

As I’ve mentioned here before, I love working with Larry because of his willingness to share his incredible stories with us. This exclusive behind the scenes moment begins with Larry feigning dismay for having yet to receive a call from mutual friend Seth MacFarlane about appearing in either Family Guy or Ted 2 (LK loves those voiceover gigs, let me tell you…)

Always the captivating storyteller, Larry continues by revealing what it was like to be directed by six (!) Academy Award-winners. Plus, Seth counters with his own on-set anecdotes.

Watch the clip right here, only available on the Kings Things blog. And check out Seth Green’s full episode below.

Caught Ya, Mr. Cena!

Today Larry King Now welcomed back (for the third time!) one of the nicest in the biz– Pro Wrestler John Cena. Larry and John held an extremely candid conversation about his career in and out of the WWE arena (including John’s newest venture– 10 Weeks BodyChange fitness program), and even delved into topics like John’s love life and the emergence of gay athletes.

Larry and John have  always hit it off in the past (here too) and this afternoon’s interview was no different! Check the Larry King Now schedule to see when it airs.

Here are some of Larry’s other interviews with the biggest names in wrestling, boxing, and MMA fighting!

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Liz Carmouche and Dana White on "Larry King Now" - Feb 2013

LKN BACKSTAGE PASS: Jack Osbourne Hangs With A Rock Legend (& It’s Not Ozzy)!

We recently welcomed the incomparable Meat Loaf and the ever-so-kind Jack Osbourne into the LKN studios. The two shared a moment backstage (below). You can watch Larry King’s interview with Meat Loaf by clicking this link on Ora.TV & Hulu, and check our schedule page for Jack’s interview, airing soon!

Jack Osbourne & Meat Loaf on "Larry King Now"Plus enjoy these great on set tweets from Jack & Meat Loaf too:

McConaughey Wins Golden Globe for ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ – Hear How He Prepared For The Role

Matthew McConaughey on Larry King

Larry King interviewed Matthew McConaughey last Summer while he was preparing for his upcoming role in his now Golden Globe award-winning performance in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ – watch the clip below & be sure to watch the full interview on-demand on “Larry King Now.”

Golden Globe McConaughey on 'Dallas Buyers Club'

Photo Credit: @DallasBuyers on Twitter

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IF YOU ONLY KNEW: The “Larry King Now” Studio PA, Graham!

Hey you guys! Meet Graham…

image (2) copy

1) What is your job at “Larry King Now”?

Studio Production Assistant

2) What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

My day to day varies but my main responsibilities are operating Larry’s Teleprompter. Assorted runs for the Office. Transportation and Private Security. 

3) Where did you go to school and what was your major? 

I went to Orange Coast College where I was a Marine Biology Major for a few years than transferred to the Art Institute of Los Angeles in Santa Monica where I majored in Video Production/Digital Filmmaking. 

Read on to see Graham play “If You Only Knew”

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Exclusive Clip: The Secret of My Success

One of the perks of being a producer on this show is meeting some of your favorite artists. Ever since Rushmore, Jason Schwartzman is an actor that I’ve always admired. He was recently in our studio to promote the Oscar contender Saving Mr. Banks.  It’s refreshing to meet someone who — despite the level of success he’s achieved — remains open, friendly and approachable.  He shook hands and introduced himself to every member of our crew. Needless to say, he charmed the entire staff as well as Larry.

As a preview to Thursday’s “Larry King Now” interview with Mr. Schwartzman, we’re posting this exclusive excerpt. In this clip, Larry and Jason confab on their love for interviews. Jason turns the tables on our host and asks him if he’s ever been nervous going into an interview. Hope you enjoy it.


Don’t forget you can watch *NEW* episodes on-demand on Ora TV & Hulu. And if you want to know more about all the ways you can watch new episodes online, on your tablet or even TV – be sure to check out our “Where to Watch” page for more info!