CAPTION THIS! Larry King vs. Jeff Garlin…Best One Wins!

Back in November, actor Jeff Garlin  appeared on Larry King Now. Before leaving, Jeff found himself trapped by The King in a relatively unnoticed and unheard exchange. Luckily, our editing team recently discovered FOOTAGE of the conversation…but there’s one problem…it’s missing audio!


What in the world was Larry saying to Jeff? Our team is certainly stumped, so we need your help!

Watch the video & complete the form below or on Facebook to tell us what you think (in 10 words or less) Larry was so passionately expressing to Jeff…. and THE BEST CAPTION (decided by the LKN team) wins a pair of SIGNED SUSPENDERS worn by Larry himself! We’ll pick a winner at the end of this month so be sure to post your best caption before then!


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After Tim visited Larry King’s home and took a peek through his closets, Gunn was nice enough to sign a copy of “Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible: The Fascinating History of Everything in Your Closet.

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GIVEAWAY! Win a Maria Sharapova Sugarpova Gift Box


We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s “Larry King Now” episode with Maria Sharapova, who spoke to Larry about her new line of candy, Sugarpova.

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How You Doin’ Wendy Williams? + BONUS Book Giveaway!

How you doin’?

Wendy Williams, owner of one of TV’s best and most recognizable catch phrases, is on today’s all-new “Larry King Now,” talking a variety of topics, including what that iconic saying achieves.

“It’s a friendly way to walk into the room,” Williams told Larry King on today’s episode. “It breaks up the crowd, so that people don’t think I’m there for evil, I’m there for good. Because I’m a very tall woman.”

Larry asked Wendy about her huge rise in popularity since her transition from radio to TV, and whether she’s worried about her ever-growing competition in the daytime talk market.

“I’m running this TV race with blinders on,” said Williams. “I’m a thoroughbred. I don’t need to look to the left or right. I’m competing with myself.”


Catch this full episode of “Larry King Now” today at 5 pm ET on Ora TV & Hulu, but first check out some selected clips from the episode on Ora TV:



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Chef Curtis Stone Talks His Newest Restaurant + Bonus Book Giveaway

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone is a busy man, and if he has his way, he’ll be even busier come the end of 2013.

When Stone visited Larry King’s home on today’s all-new episode of “Larry King Now,” he let Larry in on a few of the secrets of his next restaurant venture he’ll be opening in Beverly Hills in the coming months.

“It [will be] very small, very intimate,” said Stone, who spent the episode inside Larry’s kitchen. “We’ll cook fantastic food. No menu. You’re going to put yourself in the chef’s hands.”

Stone said he hoped the restaurant would be open by October, but was confident it would open at its South Beverly Drive location by November at the latest.


As Larry and Curtis continued their cooking demonstration, Stone took out a mallet to flatten some meat and took the opportunity to talk about his critics.

“This is for all the restaurant critics that are going to come in and criticize my cooking once I open the new restaurant,” Stone said as he pounded away with the mallet.

“How can they criticize it?,” Larry replied coyly. “They don’t even know what they’re ordering — there aint even a menu!”

Watch tonight’s all-new “Larry King Now” with Curtis on Ora TV & Hulu


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